Tara Talks – Forgiving Myself; Changing the Choice to Use Pain to Deal with Reality

Tara Talks (August 10, 2016)

Q. I got the message from my Soul that I need to forgive myself for evil in my world, for choosing to experience pain and separation. I made the choice, so how do I now deal with reality without turning to pain?

A. Pain is a separation from and a longing for something you want, a feeling that you are all alone and what does it matter anyway. And the fear has become dread, the threat that you will be annihilated, that you will be destroyed, that you will literally be obliterated and on longer exist. You fear a threat to your very existence. Pain was a choice by humanity, but what is humanity but a collection of individuals. Each individual made a choice and out of that, momentum occurred. So as each individual chooses something new, it doesn’t take all of you to change the balance, to change the reality, it only takes some of you. And so as you forgive yourself for the choice you once made and change how you deal with reality, it results in less pain in your world. (read more…)

One thought on “Tara Talks – Forgiving Myself; Changing the Choice to Use Pain to Deal with Reality”

  1. I like this. What I would add is a definition of the words you are using in a special way – pain, source, self etc. it held my interest to the end.

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