Tara Talks – What To Do With My Intense Emotions

Tara Talks (August 11, 2016)

Q. My Soul gave me back my hatred, rage and other intense emotions. I found myself being pissed off for several weeks afterwards. What does it mean?

A. It means you will also be more aware of the love within you. You will be more aware of when your Higher Self and Soul arrive, to be with you. They are always with you, but if you are moving along throughout your day and part of you is doubtful and says to yourself, “I don’t know if they really exist,” then you don’t really feel them as much. But every once in a while you have had the experience where they are tangible, as an energy around you as though they are embracing you.  That realness will become more accessible to you, that sense you are not alone, that we are here for you, that your Higher Self and your Soul really are paying attention to you and are contributing to your reality co-creation, because you yourself are giving us and them more permission more consciously than ever before to contribute to you. (read more…)

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