Soul’s Purpose / Past Lives Package

“Yes dear one, this is Tara, channeled through Katharina. We invite you to work with us to explore the past lives that are impacting you at this time, those that are spiritually significant, meaning they contain the thread of energy you call Soul, that which connects you to God / Goddess / All That Is.  To uncover, if you will, your Soul’s purpose for you.

While many of you meditate and have discovered your Soul’s path already, we congratulate you for making the map for others to achieve the same result more elegantly. Meanwhile, there are some of you who may be reluctant to know or have a hard time believing that you are getting accurate information. We are here to be with you, to guide you to the truths that are held within you already. Welcome! Simply reach out to us when you are called to do so, to reveal more of who you truly are and celebrate your Soul’s purpose.”

— Tara

We invite you to explore your significant spiritual past lives with Tara’s gentle and wise guidance. Simply fill out the Contact Form and select the Soul’s Purpose / Past Lives Package with Tara.


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