Magically Creating Every Day

With your permission, today we work with your Higher Self to align you with your optimal future of coming home, of magically creating every day along the way, with the assistance of your magicians of the past, the present and the future.

And so, give your permission today for the Universe to bring to you that information that is for your highest good in a way that is with harm to none and with elegance and ease. And as you look for magic throughout your day, actively look for not just magic, but miracles, those that are more than you expected, for that is the definition of miraculous success. Meanwhile, the definition of magic is, as we remind you, not just about willing your reality to happen, which is too much like dominating it, but rather to come from love and to have that love be demonstrated throughout your life. As you understand domination, note that it tends to come from a need to control, and control is based in fear. When you release the fear and allow yourself to feel the love that God / Goddess has for you, and you allow yourself to know how loved you are, when you fill yourself with that love, the choices and decisions you make come from a very different place, don’t they? You are then in a state of love, in a state of being that is loving, and in that state you view the world differently. You do not see enemies, you do not see risks or threats, but rather you look for opportunity and possibility that is inclusive, that is a win-win for everyone. That is the definition of a world of dominion, wouldn’t you agree? So, to consciously create in dominion is all about magic, isn’t it? And so align with that, to recognize dominion is who you are, that it is integral to your spiritual nature, and so go about your life magically creating every day

Know that we are with you with love and peace,
Channeled through Katharina Notarianni


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