Excerpt from Healing with Color

Excerpt from Healing with Color: Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras (available on Amazon.com)

“All color is encompassed in white and black. It is commonly thought black is the absence of color. But this is not necessarily so. Consider that when you mix all your watercolor paints you often get a color approaching black whether that is your intention or not. One cannot mix paints to get white, yet white light is made up of all colors of the rainbow as is evidenced when light refracts. That is the difference with color in matter, and color in energy. It shows you that matter is at one end of the spectrum and pure energy is at the other. In the frequencies of light all color is white, like the rainbow. Crystals that are black contain more colors or matter. What does this say about clear quartz? In the case of quartz crystals, the clearer they are, the more colors of light vibrations. It is not good or bad. The darker crystals have more mattering, the light crystals have more light, with mattering being Soul, and light being Spirit. In black there is the mystery, often represented as stepping into an unknown void of blackness. This is very much about Soul, about revealing the mysteries, of that which isn’t yet manifest but you are attempting to manifest evidence of. It is often easier to connect with Soul in Nature, grounded in the Earth. In contrast, to connect with Spirit is easier in the imaginal realm of ideas, in the lightness of being, in activity and movement. Connecting with Soul often requires being still, being grounded.

With each color we explore, these twenty-one colors, we will express twenty-one versions of our self, each one working in a particular manner, each one having a particular impact on Soul and Spirit. And so you might say, it is a metaphor for how each of you are in your world. You are a unique expression. You will never be repeated, though you may feel as though you have taken on so much of your family, perhaps your mother or your father. On your journey you do discover that you are indeed a unique expression. And more and more you reveal to yourself your True Self. It becomes a quest, a revealing of the mysterious. For though you see many similarities between you and other people in your reality, once you discover what is the same about you, you are quick to go on to what is unique about “me.” And that is part of your destiny: to express and celebrate You, your uniqueness. It is a never ending journey. There is always more of you to reveal. For as you discover more of who you truly are, you do evolve. It changes you each time you discover something new.”

Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras is available on Amazon.com in paperback or read the ebook for free with Kindle Unlimited.

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