Equality and Choice in the New World

From a recent conversation with Life Coach Rich:


Richard Stubbs: As I understand it the top 1% hold ~50% of all the wealth in the world. As we spoke before you said there is more love in the world than there has ever been. So I am curious, where does the love percentage come into this? Do we all have the same percentage of love, or is there an inequality?

Tara: So Equality is a weighty term. As you say the word Equality immediately what surfaces is all the reasons you are not, meaning there is a deep history of inequality that comes to the surface, that is at play. The attempts at equality, such as in communism, haven’t gone very well, have they? And that’s because from a socio-political standpoint in order for any system to be implemented there must be the implementer. How is there true equality when there is this administrative body deciding everything for everyone. So as you look to see is equality the goal, or is freedom the goal? Because equality can exist within freedom, but if equality exists without freedom is it worth having? And so as you look to see what is my right as an individual, and do I have the freedom to be wealthy if I want to be? Do I have the freedom to choose to exist in a more socially dependent state, such as a homeless person does or as someone who is part of a broader community who is supported by them? Does it really matter if a person is wealthy or not if it is their choice?

And so what is more important to create, and this will be expressed in the “new world”, wherever my thoughts and feelings, choices and decisions, attitudes and beliefs are is the experience I am going to have. And at any moment I have the freedom to redirect, to fine tune, to change that to what I want. That is the true nature of reality creation, isn’t it? And as it comes from the prevailing energy of free will, which is part of this universe, so this physical universe has a component called free will that not all universes have. It is unique to this one. And in having and allowing and creating more free will and the expression of it in your reality, what you find is that is where the self love has increased, that is where love for others and gratitude has increased. As we said, through the evolution of human consciousness along the lines of being more and more free to define who you are and who you are becoming, love has increased because it is a function of respecting oneself, of loving oneself more, to exercise free will. And therefore you are finding that the world is no longer able to accept a scenario where there is a dictator, for instance, or a small body of people who then make decisions for everyone. That is why there are so many government entities that have been overthrown in the last 10 years. There are changes being made where the power is going back to the people and the people are rising up and saying, “Yes! I as an individual choose to make decisions for myself, whether I am good at it or not does not matter, I want the choice.”

In the arena of money, it is easy to think that they measure who has more money, and money equals power, and of course power equals power over others, and we say it is not true. We say it is just the consensus belief. In reality what you are finding is there is more money available to the average person now than there has ever been in the history of the civilized world. There is more money available to the average person, and the average person makes more choices on a daily basis than a person made in their entire lifetime in the 1800’s. That’s how much more complex your world has become. And with that complexity comes more ease and elegance. Now that doesn’t mean that every single decision is a good or bad decision, it just means that you have a multitude of choices and decisions to make on a daily basis, and with that complexity the individual is growing by leaps and bounds in their ability to choose realities. That complexity is honing the skill of making choices, and choice is power. When choice moves into the conscious mind, that is true power. Although we sense there was some concern about money being in the hands of 1%, that’s not really a true concern when you reframe it, when you understand that in today’s world, the average person has more power and more choice, and that will continue to be the case. And that will also allow that individual to have access to more ways if they want to increase wealth with harm to none.

You see, there is this shift happening, where if I have what I want, I don’t have to take it from someone else, because it is an unlimited universe. The linear way of thinking is that if I get this resource then you can’t have it. I have used it up, so you can’t have it. But that is not how reality creation works, and that is being better understood in the quantum physics arena. It takes time for that information to go from the exalted minds of the physicists to layman’s terms but that is already happening. It is showing up in movies, in discussions about reality and how do things really work. It is showing up in Ted Talks, which represents mainstream information.

There are wonderful things happening at this time that have never been before. The average person can go online and have access to all information. It is a metaphor for the access to all information that occurred in 1994 when the vortex opened and all information was downloaded into every particle in your universe. There is no one who has been limited. There is no living being or thing in your universe that was told you can’t have that information, you are not enough. It is downloaded on an atomic level, so the children who are born today are born with that information and are more conscious. And those of you who were born earlier, that information is now accessible, and more and more it is important from time to time to note whether I am thinking about reality from an old point of view, or have I reframed it from the perspective that all information is available to everyone?

Because information, and it is a play on words, in formation means manifestation, in every experience you have is relevant, and you never really need to go outside the current experience to understand what there is to know about the universe. It is your curiosity that has you seek beyond because it is more fun that way, and that is part of your life lesson, to learn to have more fun and to consciously create success, whatever that means to you at a given time. And it changes, your definitions of fun and success are more complex and more whole than they were 20 years ago. You actually have many more requirements today than you did then, and that is wonderful because it shows you how much more willing you are to dream the dreams that you have and how willing you are to have them manifest. And that is important to acknowledge within yourself. It is an internal decision making process of deciding how do I want to spend my time?

There are many ways you spend your life and as you look to see, what are the key activities that I am involved in, take time to remember on a cellular level, to solidify how you felt when you felt good and recognize what parts of you emerged in the equation. There is a reason you feel good: because you are at peace with yourself, or you are expressing more of who you truly are, or you are making a difference in someone else’s life, for instance. There are many other reasons, but we recommend using these as a touchstone.

We are delighted to discuss equality leading to freedom and choice in the context of reality creation with you today.

We go for now, with love and peace.


As channeled by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

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