Green Tara Affirmation ‘Abundance’

“…the green color is related to the heart chakra, and so the energy is love, that of love and joy, for love and joy are the source of your abundance. Anything you choose to create that comes from your love and from your joy is a gift to your world, to yourself. It is your bounty. And when your love is expressed it interacts with Love with a capital “L” and with joy, and they dance. And as they dance they create miracles and miraculous success. What you manifest in this state is a manifestation of your love, of your joy.

And so, consider how to access those energies in a practical manner. We begin with helping you to feel safe, to resonate in that state of being of “I feel safe.” It means so much, and yet it always depends on what you are wanting to create in that moment, what future you are expecting. For instance, if we were to say, “Create a million dollars tomorrow,” what would pop to the surface would be all the reasons why you could not, and you would not feel safe any longer about your reality, about your ability to create what you want. Unless you had already created a million dollars before, then you might, but you would be an exception in your world, wouldn’t you? Then you might feel safe, assured, and confident. But you don’t create just by saying, “This is what I want,” out of the blue, though sometimes it may appear that way from the outside looking in. What you desire, what you imagine and what you expect, they come from, “How can I love myself today? What is the loving thing to create?” And your goals might be small at first, such as, “I love myself when I pay my bills, when I allow myself enough money.” Money is the currency you use, and so it is a common language between the people of your world today, for all society that actually utilize money as currency.

And as you are a metaphysician, loving yourself might also include taking time to be with your Higher Self, to be with your inner child and adolescent and any other unseen friends who you enjoy to be with. Often in your world, in the consensus at this time, that sort of time of loving yourself is considered a luxury, is belittled you might say.
And oftentimes people who are working at regular jobs, 9-to-5 jobs, where they often work many hours overtime as well, it is hard for them to imagine ever having enough free time to have meditation be a part of their daily life. And yet by thinking it is a luxury, they do give themselves the message that they are not worth loving. And so we want you, though this is not how you would do it for you are not the average person, to scan your life, your day. Notice where you are holding back, where could you be more loving, more generous with yourself. Where have you told yourself, “I don’t have enough time to do that. I don’t have enough money. I have to limit myself.” And that is the beginning…”

green tara

Excerpt from ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

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