Black Tara Affirmation ‘…I Develop True Wisdom’

“…As you have learned, wisdom is the domain of the mind but not without love, which comes from the heart. True wisdom is anchored in love and has an element of compassion always. And wisdom allows you to access the unknown, the mysteries, and other realms as well. It is an access point. And so today we work to calibrate your senses so that your mind may perceive more, even greater detail of your reality, so that you can make more powerful choices about what you want to create, what adjustments you might want to make. The time has come to bring, more consciously so, what is real into the illusion, that which you call the physical plane of your existence.

You have been doing this for many years through your spiritual work and so you are familiar with this process. And yet, in daily life there is the mundane. There are the daily activities that keep you, you might say, in the consensus. And that is not such a bad thing for it does keep you anchored in the illusion. But as you allow one foot to remain in the real more and more, as you imagine a flow of energy, a continuous flow of energy flowing through one side of you, that which is the real, flowing out the other side which is the physical plane, and then as it circles back, the illusion changes each time. More of the real flows through you, profoundly so. It is no longer an intellectual pursuit. It is no longer theoretical. And you have had your personal experiences, profound experiences, with the real in perhaps the Imaginal Realm, or perhaps in your journey to the Unknown, whether it is the Beautiful, the Silent or the Sacred Unknown. Perhaps you have spent time in the Liminal, in the Unconscious, in the Underworld, in Lemuria or Atlantis. Even the time you spend in your safe place with your Higher Self, with your Soul and your Spirit is all the “more real.” And each time you have gone there you have become more of who you truly are. You have become wiser. You have had insights that have changed you…”

Black Tara

Excerpt from ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

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