Blue Tara Affirmation ‘I Communicate and Joyously Express Who I Am’

“…As you have often heard, blue is the color of communication. And why is that so? Communication is a form of communing with the Goddess. For as her light fills you, as you awaken to who you truly are you begin to communicate, to express, to be who you are in your world.

You have experienced times when you somehow repressed who you were for fear perhaps of being humiliated, perhaps of disappointing someone for not doing it perfectly so, or perhaps of not getting the love that you knew you required to survive, and perhaps even just to be safe. For when you do not speak, it often appears as though you are not having impact, and so you could not possibly be blamed for anything.

And, as you allow your past, each of your individual past, to be washed away by the blue light, see in your mind’s eye the future tied to who you are today. You have gotten glimpses of who you truly are. And what is easier to imagine than that your True Self is a future self, expressing who you truly are. Take a moment to allow an image to form in your mind. And as you look into their eyes, this future you, see the joy that is there. See the joy that comes from expressing who you are without fear, without hesitation, without worrying about being hurt or humiliated, to know that anything you say, anything you express is alright. Because you never intend to harm anybody with it and because you are connected with your Higher Self fully so, in this future you are aware of the bigger picture at play — there is no fear…”

blue tara

Excerpt from ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

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