Yellow Tara Affirmation ‘Love Guides My Expression’

“…We come as the sun, you might say, the element of fire. And in the golden light we begin to burn away any negativity you might have accumulated during your day.

As we blend with your mind we melt away the doubts and the fears that are often the source of the negativity. And we move into your solar plexus. That particular chakra, your third chakra center, as you know is the same color as we are. Allow your abdomen to relax just a bit. And, with your permission, we clear this chakra of that which suppresses your emotions. The emotions are your guide to how you are. In your world when you meet someone new they say, “How are you?” You often say, “I am fine.” And as soon as you say those words you then actually feel whether you are or you are not in your solar plexus, though you might not express what you find out. And as we clear this chakra now, allow yourself to begin to know that anything you feel is valid, is appropriate. Each emotion has its place. And each emotion demands expression.

You were each taught early on not to show certain feelings. Certain ones in your mind are bad and wrong, for they might bring harm to you or others, and so you tend to repress them, you try to make them go away. But in doing so you shut down a whole range of emotions, an intensity of emotion, so that even the good ones are affected. You do not mean to do this. But what happens by repressing one or two you label as bad or wrong you begin to live a belief called, “I shouldn’t express myself fully.”
And as you scan your life you can begin to see where this is true about you, where you play it safe, how it serves you and how it doesn’t serve you at all. For when you look at your life, begin to evaluate how much passion, how much intensity do you live on a daily basis. The absence of passion and intensity in a pleasurable form, something that you would want to experience, the absence of this, is the degree to which you are repressing some emotions. And how you repress is simply with a thought, a particular thought, such as, “I shouldn’t feel this, for it is dangerous to feel this,” or “I might get hurt if I say something.” And it gives you the message that you do not create your own reality, because what are these emotions that you have no control over, that you must try to control because they might do you in? And so, on a subconscious level you live as though you are a victim of your emotions.

And as you are growing so quickly now on your journey it is no longer acceptable to live without passion and intensity. It is no longer appropriate to who you are and who you are becoming…”

yellow tara

Excerpt from ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

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