Gold Tara Affirmation ‘I Reveal My True Value’

“Gold has a very high resonance, naturally so. It has value. It is natural to gold, this value. And as it blends with you, it awakens in you your own value, that value that is natural to you. There are traces of it in your body at all times. Sometimes it is not as obvious to you. You lose sight of it, you might say. We reawaken your value, allowing the flow to take with it any obstacle to this sense of value, any hindrances that have kept you from creating the reality that you want, that is for your highest good, that which is your destiny. Simply give those obstacles permission to enter the flow, to be on their way, for they no longer serve you at this time, these thought forms, these emotions, these impurities in whatever form they have taken in your body. Allow them to depart at this time as you say farewell to them.

For as you feel your value growing inside of you enhanced by the flow of the golden light, the liquid gold amplified, you feel this energy begin to form within you…It does not disappear, for it has been awakened. And now it is amplified to reveal to you your true value, that which you could not see before, that which was hindered unbeknownst to you.”

Gold Tara

Excerpt from ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

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