Lavender Tara Affirmation “I Remember”

“We are part of the many colors of the Tara that you know, one aspect with a particular emphasis. And though you can sense us by communing with the Tara who you usually speak with, we want you to feel our particular vibration. You already know of our colors. Lavender is mostly white light blended with a hint of blue from your sixth chakra center and a hint of pink from your heart chakra. And so our function is to connect your heart and your mind, the chamber of your heart and the chamber of your mind. As you do so, you open to more of who you truly are. You experience a deep sense of peace. For as your heart opens and as your mind opens, you feel at one with all that is and all that has been and all that will be.”

Lavender Tara

Excerpt from ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

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