Indigo Tara Affirmation “I Imagine”

“…Your Higher Self has a dream, a vision, for you today. Allow the colors, perhaps even the sound, of this dream to come alive. Allow the feeling and the thought that your Higher Self might have for you. As the images take hold, allow your imagination to contribute, to add to the image what you might desire for yourself in this dream, how you might want to direct it.
And allow the Goddess to add her dream, to assist in bringing it to life. Allow her to breathe life into your third eye. Perhaps you feel a gentle breeze as she breathes her light and life into your dream, the dream your Higher Self began for you, the one that you contribute to and the one the Goddess has for you. A synergy, a magic, occurs. Feel your heart and your mind connect. Feel yourself relax into the knowing that you are not alone and that a beautiful future awaits you, for it is what you are creating.”

Indigo Tara

Excerpt from ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

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