Consciously Creating Reality from Your Heart

Topic: Consciously creating reality from your heart, incorporating heart into your reality creating machine.

That means to utilize the state of being called ‘Love’ as the primary energy from which you create your reality. Certainly so, love has always been a part of your creation, for it is what you come from but moving that energy into the conscious mind is the task here.

And Love as a state of being is not the same as love as an emotion. To just feel love can be an access point, but it is not required to feel love or be loving, or even to be focused on what am you are feeling right now, to be in a state of love. For as you activate that energy of love as a resonance, as a state of being, you will find that it has meaning far beyond the definitions of love that you have in your language.

Opening your heart is indeed activating the energy, the state of being called Love, and in your world there isn’t a clear description for what that is, you are just supposed to know. You have some definitions, certainly from other channels (Lazaris, Abraham, Seth for example), and that has helped you clarify the difference between romantic love and being a good person, in your reality. And because there aren’t many definitions for Love in your world, it becomes difficult for you to explain these concepts. It is true that in some ways a word can be a trigger into a resonance and that can be enough. However, we understand you like details, so we will work to fill in the details as much as we can at this time. (read more)

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