Crystal Grid for Consciously Creating Reality With Heart

This is an example of a crystal grid we co-created for the purpose of supporting the work being done to consciously create reality. The basis for the grid is a Lazaris Talisman for Co-Creation.

We recommend you build your own for the full experience.

Crystal Grid: Consciously Creating Reality with Heart

Components of the grid: Lazaris Talisman for Co-Creation, Blue Topaz, Citrine Sphere, Kyanite, and Rose Quartz Sphere.

Place the following in sequence on the crystal talisman:

Sirian Blue Topaz – Sirius is the gateway through which we come into your Universe. Everything in your universe has the Sirian energy as a building block at its base. And so you must ask what is that energy? It is the love and light of God and Goddess, it is our Love and our Light, certainly so. That is the energy that you recognize, on a fundamental energy, it brings about the process we described of aligning your chakras, the safety and security and the spirituality and all that is between, when you feel that energy of Sirius, you simply relax and there is part of you that knows, All is well, it is in that resonance of all is well, that state of well-being, that your heart and your mind open and connect and work as One.

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