Meditation: Tara Talks Online Event “Activating Your Dreams and Visions for the New Year”

Thank you for participating in today’s Tara Talks Online Event. Below are links to the beautiful meditation through which Tara guided us to activate our dreams and visions, followed by an inspiring and informative Q&A.

Meditation 11 with Introductory Comments: Activating Your Dreams and Visions for the New Year (video); Click here for the audio version of Meditation 11.

Q&A 11:

1 Responsibility and the purpose of boundaries (audio)

2 Imagination and accessing the Imaginal Realm (audio);

3 Reference to Total Recall, the movie (audio)

4 Evolution and Spirituality in a world of duality (audio)

5 Are our Higher Self and Soul co-creating our Future Self with us? Differentiating between focus on Future and Past (audio)

6 Working with Meditation 11 in the New Year (audio)

Tara Talks Online Events occur each Tuesday at 11AM PT / 2PM ET. To participate, click here register or visit

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