Meditation: Tara Talks Online Event “Opening to New Perceptions of What Is Possible”

Thank you for participating in today’s Tara Talks Online Event. Below are links to the meditation for opening us to new perceptions and the interesting Q&A that followed.

Meditation 12 with Introductory Comments:  Opening To New Perceptions of What Is Possible (video); Click here for the audio version of Meditation 12.

Q&A 12:

1 Is perception affected by the fabric of the past? (audio)

2 Where do Choice and Freedom come in with the new perceptions? Is there a limit to the Choice we have? Can I perceive something if I don’t believe it? (audio)


For prior Tara Talks meditations, Experience Tara.

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One thought on “Meditation: Tara Talks Online Event “Opening to New Perceptions of What Is Possible””

  1. Tara and I have been close friends for many years….Tara takes you to an expansive love and hope that perhaps you have never experienced before…

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