Meditation: Tara Talks Online Event “How to Balance Giving and Receiving”

Thank you for participating in yesterday’s Tara Talks Online Event on “How to Balance Giving and Receiving.” Tara took us on a healing meditation to discover and change limiting beliefs we hold around giving and receiving. This was followed by an indepth Q&A. Please see below for links to the recordings from this event.

Meditation 18 and Introductory Comments: How to Balance Giving and Receiving (video). Click here for the audio version of Meditation 18.

Q&A 18:

1 Does the innate sense of Balance helps us with emotions and giving and receiving? When you give love and you get it back right away, is that an example of giving and receiving at the same time? (audio)
2 Is it possible when were were given love and possibilities that they bounced off of our container because of a screwed up sense of receiving? (audio)
3 In our reality today, is racism and violence about being out of balance and unable to give love unconditionally? (audio)
4 Is the state of joy and love better for my grandchildren as well? (audio)
5 Is there a difference between getting and receiving? (audio)
6 We know it is important to stop worrying… Are there more powerful tools for changing the chemistry and mechanics to regain balance? (audio)

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