Meditation: Tara Talks Online Event “Utilizing Your Thoughts and Feelings to Access Deeper States of Knowing”

Thank you for participating in today’s Tara Talks Online Event. Tara took us on a beautiful meditation to access deeper states of knowing by communing with the forest and receiving energy from the Ancient Trees. The discussion that followed about working with thoughts, feelings, and emotions was fascinating. Links to the meditation and Q&A are below:

Meditation 19 with Introductory Comments: Utilizing Your Thoughts and Feelings to Access Deeper States of Knowing (Video). Click here for the audio version of Meditation 19.

Q&A 19 – Click here for the audio version of Q&A 19.

00:00 What is the difference between feelings and emotions. What happens when you have more than one occurring simultaneously?
03:50 How do we work with thoughts and feelings, and are they part of Emotion?06:30 Regarding choosing a Future, can the lack of choosing be the cause of the Ego going negative?
16:45 How do you evaluate your State of Being?
24:30 Is there more going on than your intellect is recognizing, is it your body-mind responding from your True Self?
How do we work with different levels of Knowing? What is the difference between information and Knowing? Where does Joy comes from?
29:00 Is Worry more like looking for solutions? How is this part of the Knowing we are going into once we understand there are more solutions?
35:30 Do the qualities we give to ourselves – value, belonging and mattering – help us step into the Unknown? How do we move from a constricted state to a more expansive one?

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