About Tara

Channeled by Katharina Notarianni

Throughout ages, the goddess has been expressed in various forms. In Tibet Tara is represented as the Mother of all Buddhas; she is the goddess of wisdom, compassion and abundance. In India she is revered as the Star Goddess. The Druids called their Mother Goddess Tara, and in Ireland, kings and queens were crowned on the sacred site, the Hill of Tara. There are many other such representations of the goddess as Tara, consistently seen as a wise and loving being full of compassion for humanity.

Tara Channel Katharina NotarianniTara, as channeled by Katharina Notarianni, is a universal expression of the goddess energy not tied to any particular culture or religion. She comes with love and peace, to share her wisdom with us as we continue our journey to become more of who we truly are.

During their own spiritual journeys, Katharina Notarianni and her husband John have benefited greatly from Tara’s wisdom and healing energies, and thanks to today’s technologies, Tara is now being made available on a broader scale. We invite you to experience Tara’s love and wisdom.

To schedule a private session with Tara, please submit the online form with your contact info and availability, or email info@tarachannel.com.

Tara’s new book Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras, is available in paperback and Kindle eBook formats through Amazon.com.