The deeper meaning of the chaos in our world

Q. Tara, what about the terrorism, the senseless violence in the world, the chaos — is this a reflection of my inner self? What is really going on there? I’m afraid I am creating the nightmare and not the dream I envision for the future.

A. What you are all dealing with within yourselves is the realization that the old structures don’t support the future of the new world that is coming, and the self who exists already in that future requires you to change in order to receive the new world. In order to step into the resonance, some of the old has to fall away. The old limiting structures that are built on fear or pain or sorrow, they cannot be taken with you. They cannot coexist in the same resonance, and so you are forced to face those parts of self that have limited you, that in your mind have been protecting you.

There is a part of you that is afraid for you, who doesn’t want you to go forth into the new world, into the Unknown. That part of you wants you to stumble, to fall, to remind you to be afraid, because fear is what kept you safe, is what kept you careful. And so as you consider that some of your self-preservation mechanisms that were designed by your two-year- old self, or perhaps by you at an even younger age, by your infant, either way, the you who is completely at the mercy of the love of your mother/father, you realize there weren’t many tools at your disposal. You could cry when you needed something, and that was about it. Initially you could only wriggle your fingers and toes, and when that didn’t work you started to cry, and that usually got someone’s attention, but whether or not they paid you attention was another matter.

What other mechanisms have you designed, what do you turn to even now, automatically, in order to survive the fear, to survive the uncertainty of the future? What happens to you as soon as you think about a future that is unknown to you? The familiar responses are: Fear. And deeper than the fear are worry and doubt. And then in response to worry and doubt, you want to figure out what to do about it, to strategize. But do you actually figure it out, or do you go somewhere else? While you try to figure out what you can do, a lot of times it just seems hopeless. You feel like there aren’t any solutions that are desirable. So then you feel sorry for yourself. And what does it mean once you begin to feel sorry for yourself? You realize it means that you probably are not going to get what you want. There is a resignation, perhaps even a despair or sorrow, isn’t there? And once you are in the despair and sorrow, what does it make you think about? It reminds you that you are all alone, that you never could rely on anyone else, that in the end you are all alone — otherwise someone would have come up with a solution for you, wouldn’t they have? Yet here you are, having to figure it all out by yourself. Even if you had asked someone, they couldn’t come up with the solution and so you are just reminded that it is all up to you anyway. And if that is the truth, then you might as well give up now.

Recognize this is the pattern. Because who you are in that moment isn’t the emotional place of who you truly are, the infinite you, but rather of the infant who can only wriggle fingers and toes and cries. And at the end of the day that might not be enough. And so there is fear, there is dread, a morbid fear that you will cease to exist. You are afraid that you are truly alone, and you don’t really know the truth because as an infant, you have no concept of time. All you know is that you are crying and no one is coming. All you can do is look to the future, and if this is to perpetuate where you cry and no one comes, then the likely outcome is that you will die, that you will literally cease to exist. But in that moment of despair, of feeling the dread, you don’t remember it consciously, but your higher self and your soul come to you in those moments, telling you why you must persist, why you must continue to thrive, even in the face of the unknown, in the face of not knowing the future, they tell you about your future. They tell you about how you are a mapmaker magician and how in your lifetime you will make maps for others to follow. These maps will lead others in your world to find their way through the narrows and back to the light, the light of God/Goddess, to guide them to remember who they truly are, and as they awaken they will step into a new world that you helped to design. The design is actually already there, the blueprint was made long ago on Sirius but it is in this incarnation that it will manifest, in your lifetime. And it is in this telling, the truth of who you are comes to light, and you calm down immediately so, for now you have a vision of what your future will be, and with that knowing comes comfort, comes a sense of peace, and with it an understanding that patience will be required. And patience isn’t waiting, patience is paying attention to the details, for as you pay attention to the details you begin to see the evidence. And even if you do not yet see the evidence you begin to know what your next steps are. And even though at no time can you see the whole picture, you get clues and signals along the way of what direction you are to take.

The clues that these acts of terror bring – as you ask why the senseless violence – you see at the heart of every such event is pain, a pain that is so intense and great, that there seemingly is no solution and yet the answer is to reclaim pieces of soul. There is a need to reclaim pieces of soul that you yourself have broken off to survive another day, or so you intended. In the movies, you survive to fight another day, but in your case, you survive in order to light the way, that is your gift. And in order to light the way you need all of your light, not just fragments, not just broken pieces. And so throughout the years you have been following the breadcrumbs so to speak, following and gathering pieces of light, intuitively knowing that they are yours. And so it is not that the chaos in your world is a mirror so much as opportunities for you to shine your light, so that those in your world can find their way. And the light that you shine, that is you, is your love, your compassion, and caring – compassion born of sorrow.

In this discussion, we have been speaking mainly to your subconscious and unconscious. Know that the information will move forward into your conscious mind in time. Tonight we will work with you in your dream state. We will work with any of you who invite us, to bring you peace and comfort.

Certainly there is some responsibility for you to take, there are pieces of soul to retrieve, there is a new world being brought into manifestation that you are a part of. And on that journey there is negativity, there are still negative thought patterns that need to fall way, that need to be restructured into positive expressions. Remember that you have plenty of help along the way, you are not alone. Though at the bottom of the pit of your despair is loneliness, know that it is not the truth, and we will be right there to help you see that you are not alone. We love you so, and so we go for now with love and peace, until next time.


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