What do I do with my intense emotions?

Q. My Soul gave me back my hatred, rage and other intense emotions. I found myself being pissed off for several weeks afterwards. What does it mean?

A. It means you will be more aware of the love within you. You will be more aware when your Higher Self and Soul arrive, to be with you. They are always with you, but if you are moving along throughout your day and part of you is doubtful and says to yourself, I don’t know if they really exist, then you don’t really feel them as much. But every once in a while you have had the experience where they are tangible, as an energy around you as though they are embracing you.  That realness will become more accessible to you, that sense you are not alone, that we are here for you, that your Higher Self and your Soul really are paying attention to you and are contributing to your reality co-creation, because you yourself are giving us and them more permission more consciously than ever before to contribute to you.

The emotions you retrieved, the knowing that you can cause violence, that you can feel anger or outrage or other intense emotions, means you now have greater access to the intensity that was locked up and you can use that intensity now to create a positive reality.

You see it expressed in the movies that are currently popular, such as in ‘Suicide Squad’, where you came out of the movie saying that is a good expression of what people look like who are in pain. And by the end of the movie, it resolved itself.  What were the qualities that transformed the team? It was the opportunity to make a difference. It was a recognition that the skills that they developed throughout their life, as painful as it was, were actually useful in certain situations, and were not only to them individually, there was no question, that was why they developed the skills, for survival; but for once their skills transcended themselves and also became useful to their world, they changed the reality that was going to be. And it is a wonderful expression of how the Lesser Self integrates with You the More and through that hope for the future and that willingness to make a difference and doing something graciously – giving form your Self to others – giving from who you truly are changes reality. Now you don’t know ahead of time what that situation would be. In Suicide Squad, they never would have guessed that being dragged out of their cell and shackled, could have been a positive experience. They were threatened, and they had to do it. Up until then, they were always only about themselves, about the individual surviving reality and there was no guarantee that they could succeed at this next task, but they were chosen because their will to survive was so strong. The ingredient that was missing was the love, but along the way they found that, they ended up caring for each other. So in this movie, you see the beauty of love and will in action. It can transform even the most dangerous criminals who are truly in pain. And so it is a beautiful expression. It makes it possible for anyone in your world – no one really has any excuse, when they see that movie it is what is communicated – that everyone can make that choice. In Suicide Squad, there is always someone who had a darker past than they, and yet they succeeded. So that is what is being reprogrammed – to seek love and will in order to make a difference, in order to transcend what has been, to transcend the Past, that is what it is all about. Not to have to suffer any longer, not to have to fix it over eons of time, but in a simple opportunity like that. They had to respond quickly – they were either going to die or they had to change the world. And that is the sort of energy that is happening in your world right now. You mapmaker magicians know the New World, living your dreams, is already beginning to manifest, because you dreamed it, you have made the map and it is assured. But there is still so much chaos -people blowing up other people, creating a reign of terror in your world – there is within you a fear that you might fail. The reason for all the chaos is that every individually personally has to choose to be in the new world. Everyone who wants it has to wake up and consciously choose it.

Now that you yourself have woken up and chosen the new world (the dream), it is disconcerting to see the mediocrity and nightmare expressed in your world. As far as the mediocrity goes, it’s time to choose the Dream. Recognize that when you experience the mediocrity, it is time to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and remind yourself what you know about resonance. Reality creation basics state you cannot indulge in self pity and not get more reasons to feel sorry for yourself.  The survival mechanisms that worked long ago are no longer appropriate. You cannot use your two year old’s level of skill and expect a reality that works. As you let yourself know, I create my own reality, what is it I don’t like in it… that’s the easy question, isn’t it, to make a list of 100 items you really don’t like. Then when it comes to listing what would you like those things to transform into, it is a little harder because you have to make a choice, or many choices. You have to make decisions. You have to make commitments. That is the work that needs to be done – choosing, deciding and committing to create something different.  It requires excellence, discipline, and practice.

There are things you can do to bring your resonance up, and it is important to do so. It is important not to stay in the default reality where you think you don’t create your own reality. At the bottom is the doubt and the worry that maybe I don’t create my reality after all, maybe this is crazy the way my father has always told me… This is what you experience in the lower resonances. You can turn to logic to begin to shift out of the lower resonances. Understand that reality creation is a principle of physics where the observer affects reality. There are scientific studies that have proved this and so you are more willing to believe it. Whether it is accurate or not doesn’t matter, you have “scientific evidence” and that is good enough. When you look at what physical form is on a subatomic level, everything is made up of particles and energy. As you yourself are the observer, your thoughts and feelings dictate the outcome. Your expectation affects the outcome. Your intention, attention all create a story and in that story you are happy to go along with reality the way it is in your mind, the story that is there, until some new piece of information comes into your purview.

Imagine the lens through which you see reality is a magnifying glass – all that is visible in the magnified area is your reality at any given time. It is a defined area, it is contained. Reality is whatever your attention is on, that is what you are manifesting, and that is what matters. Whatever your attention is on will form into matter. So as you think of it in those terms, as you look to see what is your attention on and then ask, how do I move the magnifying glass to what I want and put my attention on it? It requires you to access inspiration, imagination, creativity and also your will and love, to be available to the Unknown, the Mystery.