How do I take responsibility for what I am creating?

Q. How do I take responsibility, or know when to take responsibility for what I am creating?

A. It begins with logic – first identify what is so right now, what I can state is a fact. And ask yourself is this is what I want; if the answer is Yes, let it continue. But if the answer is no, it is important to replace it with what you do want. Part of this next phase for you is not just ridding yourself of what you don’t want, but also beginning to open to your imagination in new ways. So ask, what do I want to manifest?

You can actively do things in the physical world to begin shifting the energy: ask your Higher Self and Soul, ask us to help you shift. If you have had too much interaction with others or are upset, go within, to contain your energy don’t interact with outside people; work with one of the Taras in our new book, Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras; or you can use energy medicine and meditation to shift your focus of attention. Take a bath to let the elements work, to rehydrate, to release toxins more quickly. Do something playful and fun, get some physical exercise, eat your favorite food, see a movie, spend time with your pet who love you unconditionally, appreciate the beauty of nature in your garden, or go to the beach where the elements are exalted. All of these activities have the ability to shift your energy.

Once have shifted your resonance so you are feeling good, then you can start the process of choosing what you want to create. Engage your imagination, creativity, inspiration to dream it. By definition, your reality must reflect your new resonance. Begin by looking for evidence of the change in the physical reality around you.