Working with my promise to come home to God/Goddess

Q. My Soul reminded me to remember the promise I made to Come Home to God/Goddess in this lifetime… how can I work with this?

A. The key is in the word promise, for what is a promise but a commitment. A commitment is something you will see through until the end, no matter how much you get distracted or stray, you will always bring yourself back to who you are and why you are here by remembering your promise about making the map for others to Come Home to their True Self, to God/Goddess. You yourself already have made that map, but it is not enough to just know how to get there, it’s not enough to experience it briefly, you want to see it manifest in your world, you want to see evidence. And that is your Why, and it is a valid Why.

With your metaphysics, as you learn about how reality works you want to share it. You want to live and share it. What holds you back is thinking you don’t have enough evidence. You want to create something different. For example, when your father said you should be willing to work any job to make money to pay the bills, you recognized that you wanted to create it differently. You said, “I believe that if I truly create my own reality it must be possible to create whatever I want.” However, you cannot ignore the reality creation basics.

It’s not enough just to say what you do not want. You also have to dream it differently. Along the way you have defined more of what you want and have incorporated activities that reflect more of the dream. As you take stock of your reality, you see evidence of your dream manifesting. And you want more, so continue to do the process of identifying what you don’t want and then choosing, deciding, imagining what you want. Then focusing your attention and intention and finally taking actions in line with what you chose.