Consciously Creating Reality From Your Heart

Topic: Consciously creating reality from your heart, incorporating heart into your reality creating machine.

That means to utilize the state of being called ‘Love’ as the primary energy from which you create your reality. Certainly so, love has always been a part of your creation, for it is what you come from but moving that energy into the conscious mind is the task here.

And Love as a state of being is not the same as love as an emotion. To just feel love can be an access point, but it is not required to feel love or be loving, or even to be focused on what am you are feeling right now, to be in a state of love. For as you activate that energy of love as a resonance, as a state of being, you will find that it has meaning far beyond the definitions of love that you have in your language.

Opening your heart is indeed activating the energy, the state of being called Love, and in your world there isn’t a clear description for what that is, you are just supposed to know. You have some definitions, certainly from other channels (Lazaris, Abraham, Seth) and that has helped you clarify the difference between romantic love and being a good person, in your reality. And because there aren’t many definitions for Love in your world, it becomes difficult for you to explain these concepts. It is true that in some ways a word can be a trigger into a resonance and that can be enough. However, we understand you like details, so we will work to fill in the details as much as we can at this time.

John: That has been my criticism about the generic “just be loving” suggestions others have made. One of the things I have enjoyed about Lazaris, Seth, and Abraham, is the level of detail they have provided, the new definitions about what it means to be loving, etc.

And that is because, it has a lot to do with who a mapmaker magician is. The mapmaker magician is focused on the details, is very much about activating the Mind to create reality. So, it is not that you have been without heart, without love, but rather the focus has been on, and it is of benefit, to activate the Mind, to integrate the two, the Mind and Heart. For you have seen people who create only from emotion, from heart, and they often get slaughtered – because they don’t have the logic or analysis integrated, they often miss cues along the way. On the other hand, you have also seen the same with someone who is only in logic, who is only paying attention to the facts – they miss the nuances, the whispers, because they are not directed by intuition, and often intuition and emotion are combined.

It is part of the communications that we share where you allow more access to your being and the true desire that is there to learn more, to understand more, and that is why we appreciate the questions that you ask, for it is in the questions that the answers come. If someone is not sure what the questions are, then we often have to talk around a topic until they are activated in such a way that they can ask the question they want to know the answer to.

John: So in public events, such as the recent Tara Talks, the conversations seemed to me to be on the surface, rather than deeper more meaningful conversations?

Indeed it was so. We can only bring through the information that is a resonant match for the asking. Not that we couldn’t do more, it just wouldn’t serve any purpose. Our intention is to align energies, to raise the vibration to a level where a person finds peace. And in that peace one becomes more, activates the energies of safety and security, creativity, range of emotion, love, expression, vision and spirituality – all of the 7 chakras. In that alignment of the energy one feels at ease and begins to have true questions emerge that come from a place of feeling whole and complete. It is a very different question than the first level of questions: how do I feel safe? – and that needs to be addressed for that person. In that moment, they are not even wanting any other information. And so often the first exploration of questioning appears to be superficial, but they are measuring – can I trust Tara? Am I safe to express more of what I really want to know? It is this back and forth of really circling us, to poke holes in us, to see can I trust this information? You remember the early days when you thought to yourself, the information sounds good, but what am I going to do with it?

We simply have our gentleness, our love and an ability to bring about a sense of peace in even a simple communication.  What happens in that resonance is that energies align within the person, and something inside of them relaxes. So you might say we come from more the feminine approach to building trust, and other channels you worked with came more in those early days from a masculine approach to building trust, giving your mind something (information, details) to work with. We give your heart something to work with. And certainly so it does not mean that we do not go to the next level with you when you are ready, but it is completely dependent on the question asker on where the discussions go.

And as you have grown in trust and have yourself grown in your understanding of the way we work with you, your questions have become more indepth, haven’t they? You don’t tend to spend an hour seeing if we know what we are talking about anymore. You are willing to go straight to the question. And if you don’t know your question, you say I don’t know, so guide me. And as soon as you say guide me, in some way, whether you use those actual words or others, something opens within you so you have all your 7 chakras immediately line up and then we can bring forth the question you want to ask. It is quite wonderful. And it really does happen instantly, once the alignment happens, there is no needing to prepare you in any way, we can go to your true topic, what your higher self, your soul and what you have agreed to work on in this moment.

Before the alignment, they are asking for our assistance to align you and that is the work that needs to be done. And that is why sometimes when we speak to you, you fade, you go away, and at the end come back to us at the end of the conversation, because we are doing the aligning as well as downloading the information that you seek.