Crystal Grid: Consciously Creating Reality with Heart

This is an example of a crystal grid we co-created for the purpose of supporting the work being done to consciously create reality. The basis for the grid is a Lazaris Talisman for Co-Creation.

We recommend you build your own crystal grid for the full experience.

Crystal Grid: Consciously Creating Reality with Heart

Components of the grid: Talisman for Co-Creation, Blue Topaz, Citrine Sphere, Kyanite, and Rose Quartz Sphere.

Sirian Blue Topaz – Sirius is the gateway through which we come into your Universe. Everything in your universe has the Sirian energy as a building block at its base. And so you must ask what is that energy? It is the love and light of God and Goddess, it is our Love and our Light, certainly so. That is the energy that you recognize, on a fundamental energy, it brings about the process we described of aligning your chakras, the safety and security and the spirituality and all that is between, when you feel that energy of Sirius, you simply relax and there is part of you that knows, All is well, it is in that resonance of all is well, that state of well-being, that your heart and your mind open and connect and work as One.

And what does it mean to open your heart? Your heart is a portal, an energy vortex that exists within you. Your mind also is a vortex, an energy portal. And as an energy vortex, there isn’t one energy that lives within the portal, there isn’t one energy alone that activates the portal. Your heart can be activated by many things: by concern, by doubt, by fear, by generosity of spirit, compassion, romantic love, it can be activated by many different energies – all of which we just described are descriptions of emotions. And as Lazaris has said, emotions are the new frontier, there is much about emotions that is vague and nondescript and it takes a lot of words to describe any one emotion. But over the years you have learned that love is complex, that certainly love has an emotional base to it. It has a state of mind to it. It has a state of being, an overall state of well being. In addition to that it has action, intention, attention, responsibility, and empowerment, and will. It has all these qualities of the valued self, of being loving, of being in love, and allowing love to fill you, and all of those different descriptions of activating love within you. And in this case it is Love as a state of being, and within that state, many emotions are possible. And so to activate and open your heart to a topic often requires self reflection, a moment of introspection, it requires that moment of going into the liminal. The liminal being that process of moving your attention from the outer world that you have been participating in, to looking at least briefly and experiencing the inner world – what is going on within me, hidden from the outer world – and bringing those two into agreement. And when we say agreement, Agreement means you are willing to be conscious of both simultaneously. And in that liminal space, in that moment of being conscious of both, of what is going on within me and what am I paying attention to outside of me, that the heart opens, because there is a recognition in that moment that I do create my own reality. There is a recognition that I have some little thing to do with what is occurring. And that activates the heart center, that opens the heart to wanting to be more conscious, wanting to be more involved, wanting to take particular actions to affect change if needed. And so that is what is occurring, simply by bringing in the energy of Sirius, that and much more.

Citrine sphere – This crystal sphere, made of citrine, exists half in your reality, and half in an alternate reality, in this case Lemuria. It is a Dreamer’s sphere, the Dreamer of Lemuria, and you are its keeper in this world. And so this sphere brings the dreaming realities component of creating reality. The Dreamer dreams the dreams for you, ones that are aligned with your destiny – ones aligned with your soul, with your spirit, with your higher self. And as you are wondering where am I going in this lifetime, as you wonder what is this lifetime about, know that the Dreamer will always align you with your optimal future, whatever that may be at any given time. And as you are a mapmaker magician, it is important never to lose sight of the priority which is to consciously create success, to learn to have fun, and to fulfill your destiny of coming home in this lifetime, that of bringing all of your lifetimes home.

Kyanite – This mineral doesn’t have consciousness, but it has the properties of aligning energies. Specifically, the act of aligning energies, assisting you to maintain alignment with your goals and with your destiny, to maintain alignment within the self to your destiny of coming home. For as you are busy creating realities, it is easy to get off track, or to be thrown off track by new information or unexpected results. The kyanite will be assisting you to realign more quickly, almost instantly, with an awareness that you were thrown off alignment and an equal awareness when you are realigned.

Rose quartz sphere – As you know rose quartz is very much about love and self love. This sphere brings Self love to the grid – caring enough about yourself that you are able to show up. It activates that energy of presence. Meaning, I am willing to be present, to have impact. I am willing to make a difference. I love myself enough to show up. As you know there have been times when you have not wanted to show up. And that manifests in various ways – whether it is in the form of procrastination, or wishing you weren’t alive, in essence it is that lack of self love that has you go into a downward spiral. So when you remember who you truly are, when you awaken more to the love of higher self, of soul, spirit, God and Goddess, it raises your ability to love yourself more, to forgive yourself for your past, for you to activate that energy of hope within you for the future. To recognize that all is well regardless of what emotion you are having. That also is an aspect of self love. The sphere anchors the energies in the self love.

Activating the Grid. By activating the grid, you Activate the Sirian energy, Awaken the Dreamer, Align your chakras – the chakras are the portals through which reality emerges, then Love yourself enough to respond to the reality you are creating. It is a spiral and the process is complete and a new standing wave of energy called “Consciously Creating Reality” radiates from the grid into your Universe, supporting you in a new level of awareness of your part.

Activate the grid as you know to do, and fill yourself with that energy. The 3 turns are for each level of your reality – unconscious, subconscious and finally, conscious. Now, place your fingers on the rings and allow the energies, that of Consciously Creating Reality – we understand it is truly a co-creation but in this instance it is a priority to take responsibility within yourself – to rise to the occasion and to take ownership of your participation. State out loud “I consciously create my own reality, with harm to none and with elegance and ease.” That is why the rose quartz is at the center. And the Sirian crystal representing God/Goddess co-creating with you, is off center – They co-create with you, alongside you, but never as the central creator, for it is you in this universe of free will who gets to make determined choices about your experience. Allow the energy to travel up your arms into your heart, then to move up to your crown chakra then into your higher chakras and beyond to connect with star Sirius, and simultaneously to move down to the soles of your feet into the Earth through the 8th chakra center. To allow the love and the light of the Goddess to flow down through that beam from Sirius into you. To allow the love and the light of the Earth, for the Earth is always a participant in the manifestation being of the physical plane, to feel the Earth energy flow up into you into your heart. And in your heart the 2 energies of star Sirius and mother Earth combine, as you are reminded that you are of both, that you are of and an expression of All that is.

And it is done. And so we go for now, with love and peace, until next time.