Green Tara Affirmation ‘Abundance’

“…the green color is related to the heart chakra, and so the energy is love, that of love and joy, for love and joy are the source of your abundance. Anything you choose to create that comes from your love and from your joy is a gift to your world, to yourself. It is your bounty. And when your love is expressed it interacts with Love with a capital “L” and with joy, and they dance. And as they dance they create miracles and miraculous success. What you manifest in this state is a manifestation of your love, of your joy.

And so, consider how to access those energies in a practical manner. We begin with helping you to feel safe, to resonate in that state of being of “I feel safe.” It means so much, and yet it always depends on what you are wanting to create in that moment, what future you are expecting. For instance, if we were to say, “Create a million dollars tomorrow,” what would pop to the surface would be all the reasons why you could not, and you would not feel safe any longer about your reality, about your ability to create what you want. Unless you had already created a million dollars before, then you might, but you would be an exception in your world, wouldn’t you? Then you might feel safe, assured, and confident. But you don’t create just by saying, “This is what I want,” out of the blue, though sometimes it may appear that way from the outside looking in. What you desire, what you imagine and what you expect, they come from, “How can I love myself today? What is the loving thing to create?” And your goals might be small at first, such as, “I love myself when I pay my bills, when I allow myself enough money.” Money is the currency you use, and so it is a common language between the people of your world today, for all society that actually utilize money as currency.

And as you are a metaphysician, loving yourself might also include taking time to be with your Higher Self, to be with your inner child and adolescent and any other unseen friends who you enjoy to be with. Often in your world, in the consensus at this time, that sort of time of loving yourself is considered a luxury, is belittled you might say.
And oftentimes people who are working at regular jobs, 9-to-5 jobs, where they often work many hours overtime as well, it is hard for them to imagine ever having enough free time to have meditation be a part of their daily life. And yet by thinking it is a luxury, they do give themselves the message that they are not worth loving. And so we want you, though this is not how you would do it for you are not the average person, to scan your life, your day. Notice where you are holding back, where could you be more loving, more generous with yourself. Where have you told yourself, “I don’t have enough time to do that. I don’t have enough money. I have to limit myself.” And that is the beginning…”

green tara

Excerpt from ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

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White Tara Affirmation ‘Today I Choose Love…’

“…in your world there is violence, there is pain, there is great sorrow. And you have had lifetimes of this nature yourself. And as you see it reflected in your world, you ask why, why even after all that I have done, all that I have learned, can I not change the pain in the world quickly enough?
And in that question begins the doubt, the self-doubt that you are making any difference at all. And your journey becomes one of faith: “I must believe I am making a difference, for if I do not, I will go mad.” But there are times when you doubt, and in the doubt becomes despair. And so we tell you, your light does make a difference. Your love is what matters. Your caring as you see those suffering, in the caring you change the resonance. In the compassion you grow and change. You become more of who you truly are.

There are stories of deities who have the ability to feel such love, such compassion, for suffering that in their presence the suffering does end. To be touched by such a deity changes one instantly so. Jesus Christ was such a deity, a being of light, as is Buddha, as are we as well. But it does not stop there. It is who you are, truly so. It is who you are becoming. And yet you already are that being.

There is a time coming very soon when this particular state of being of which we speak will be expressed in humanity as a whole. It begins with a few, and the few become hundreds. And eventually all of humanity awakens. And what stands between you and knowing, allowing, being this light being, is a past in which there was pain and suffering.
As you grow you will begin to know that a human being’s right is to have choice, free will. For that is the most precious of all powers, of all strengths. For in it you can choose anything you want. And some will continue to choose pain and suffering as a way to learn about themselves, as a way to feel powerful. It is their right. But there is a great difference in suffering and not knowing why or how they chose it, and choosing it consciously.

Humanity is still in a time of waking up. People are awakening, as individuals. And all that they need for their journey exists already. And the key is the love, for it is a resonance that transforms instantly any reality. But not love that is blind, rather love that has wisdom out of which comes compassion and patience and virtue. And that begins with a choice, just as fear has been a common choice, a way to survive. It is time now to choose love…”
white tarafrom ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ 

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Equality and Choice in the New World

From a recent conversation with Life Coach Rich:


Richard Stubbs: As I understand it the top 1% hold ~50% of all the wealth in the world. As we spoke before you said there is more love in the world than there has ever been. So I am curious, where does the love percentage come into this? Do we all have the same percentage of love, or is there an inequality?

Tara: So Equality is a weighty term. As you say the word Equality immediately what surfaces is all the reasons you are not, meaning there is a deep history of inequality that comes to the surface, that is at play. The attempts at equality, such as in communism, haven’t gone very well, have they? And that’s because from a socio-political standpoint in order for any system to be implemented there must be the implementer. How is there true equality when there is this administrative body deciding everything for everyone. So as you look to see is equality the goal, or is freedom the goal? Because equality can exist within freedom, but if equality exists without freedom is it worth having? And so as you look to see what is my right as an individual, and do I have the freedom to be wealthy if I want to be? Do I have the freedom to choose to exist in a more socially dependent state, such as a homeless person does or as someone who is part of a broader community who is supported by them? Does it really matter if a person is wealthy or not if it is their choice?

And so what is more important to create, and this will be expressed in the “new world”, wherever my thoughts and feelings, choices and decisions, attitudes and beliefs are is the experience I am going to have. And at any moment I have the freedom to redirect, to fine tune, to change that to what I want. That is the true nature of reality creation, isn’t it? And as it comes from the prevailing energy of free will, which is part of this universe, so this physical universe has a component called free will that not all universes have. It is unique to this one. And in having and allowing and creating more free will and the expression of it in your reality, what you find is that is where the self love has increased, that is where love for others and gratitude has increased. As we said, through the evolution of human consciousness along the lines of being more and more free to define who you are and who you are becoming, love has increased because it is a function of respecting oneself, of loving oneself more, to exercise free will. And therefore you are finding that the world is no longer able to accept a scenario where there is a dictator, for instance, or a small body of people who then make decisions for everyone. That is why there are so many government entities that have been overthrown in the last 10 years. There are changes being made where the power is going back to the people and the people are rising up and saying, “Yes! I as an individual choose to make decisions for myself, whether I am good at it or not does not matter, I want the choice.”

In the arena of money, it is easy to think that they measure who has more money, and money equals power, and of course power equals power over others, and we say it is not true. We say it is just the consensus belief. In reality what you are finding is there is more money available to the average person now than there has ever been in the history of the civilized world. There is more money available to the average person, and the average person makes more choices on a daily basis than a person made in their entire lifetime in the 1800’s. That’s how much more complex your world has become. And with that complexity comes more ease and elegance. Now that doesn’t mean that every single decision is a good or bad decision, it just means that you have a multitude of choices and decisions to make on a daily basis, and with that complexity the individual is growing by leaps and bounds in their ability to choose realities. That complexity is honing the skill of making choices, and choice is power. When choice moves into the conscious mind, that is true power. Although we sense there was some concern about money being in the hands of 1%, that’s not really a true concern when you reframe it, when you understand that in today’s world, the average person has more power and more choice, and that will continue to be the case. And that will also allow that individual to have access to more ways if they want to increase wealth with harm to none.

You see, there is this shift happening, where if I have what I want, I don’t have to take it from someone else, because it is an unlimited universe. The linear way of thinking is that if I get this resource then you can’t have it. I have used it up, so you can’t have it. But that is not how reality creation works, and that is being better understood in the quantum physics arena. It takes time for that information to go from the exalted minds of the physicists to layman’s terms but that is already happening. It is showing up in movies, in discussions about reality and how do things really work. It is showing up in Ted Talks, which represents mainstream information.

There are wonderful things happening at this time that have never been before. The average person can go online and have access to all information. It is a metaphor for the access to all information that occurred in 1994 when the vortex opened and all information was downloaded into every particle in your universe. There is no one who has been limited. There is no living being or thing in your universe that was told you can’t have that information, you are not enough. It is downloaded on an atomic level, so the children who are born today are born with that information and are more conscious. And those of you who were born earlier, that information is now accessible, and more and more it is important from time to time to note whether I am thinking about reality from an old point of view, or have I reframed it from the perspective that all information is available to everyone?

Because information, and it is a play on words, in formation means manifestation, in every experience you have is relevant, and you never really need to go outside the current experience to understand what there is to know about the universe. It is your curiosity that has you seek beyond because it is more fun that way, and that is part of your life lesson, to learn to have more fun and to consciously create success, whatever that means to you at a given time. And it changes, your definitions of fun and success are more complex and more whole than they were 20 years ago. You actually have many more requirements today than you did then, and that is wonderful because it shows you how much more willing you are to dream the dreams that you have and how willing you are to have them manifest. And that is important to acknowledge within yourself. It is an internal decision making process of deciding how do I want to spend my time?

There are many ways you spend your life and as you look to see, what are the key activities that I am involved in, take time to remember on a cellular level, to solidify how you felt when you felt good and recognize what parts of you emerged in the equation. There is a reason you feel good: because you are at peace with yourself, or you are expressing more of who you truly are, or you are making a difference in someone else’s life, for instance. There are many other reasons, but we recommend using these as a touchstone.

We are delighted to discuss equality leading to freedom and choice in the context of reality creation with you today.

We go for now, with love and peace.


As channeled by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

Excerpt from Healing with Color

Excerpt from Healing with Color: Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras (available on

“All color is encompassed in white and black. It is commonly thought black is the absence of color. But this is not necessarily so. Consider that when you mix all your watercolor paints you often get a color approaching black whether that is your intention or not. One cannot mix paints to get white, yet white light is made up of all colors of the rainbow as is evidenced when light refracts. That is the difference with color in matter, and color in energy. It shows you that matter is at one end of the spectrum and pure energy is at the other. In the frequencies of light all color is white, like the rainbow. Crystals that are black contain more colors or matter. What does this say about clear quartz? In the case of quartz crystals, the clearer they are, the more colors of light vibrations. It is not good or bad. The darker crystals have more mattering, the light crystals have more light, with mattering being Soul, and light being Spirit. In black there is the mystery, often represented as stepping into an unknown void of blackness. This is very much about Soul, about revealing the mysteries, of that which isn’t yet manifest but you are attempting to manifest evidence of. It is often easier to connect with Soul in Nature, grounded in the Earth. In contrast, to connect with Spirit is easier in the imaginal realm of ideas, in the lightness of being, in activity and movement. Connecting with Soul often requires being still, being grounded.

With each color we explore, these twenty-one colors, we will express twenty-one versions of our self, each one working in a particular manner, each one having a particular impact on Soul and Spirit. And so you might say, it is a metaphor for how each of you are in your world. You are a unique expression. You will never be repeated, though you may feel as though you have taken on so much of your family, perhaps your mother or your father. On your journey you do discover that you are indeed a unique expression. And more and more you reveal to yourself your True Self. It becomes a quest, a revealing of the mysterious. For though you see many similarities between you and other people in your reality, once you discover what is the same about you, you are quick to go on to what is unique about “me.” And that is part of your destiny: to express and celebrate You, your uniqueness. It is a never ending journey. There is always more of you to reveal. For as you discover more of who you truly are, you do evolve. It changes you each time you discover something new.”

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Magically Creating Every Day

With your permission, today we work with your Higher Self to align you with your optimal future of coming home, of magically creating every day along the way, with the assistance of your magicians of the past, the present and the future.

And so, give your permission today for the Universe to bring to you that information that is for your highest good in a way that is with harm to none and with elegance and ease. And as you look for magic throughout your day, actively look for not just magic, but miracles, those that are more than you expected, for that is the definition of miraculous success. Meanwhile, the definition of magic is, as we remind you, not just about willing your reality to happen, which is too much like dominating it, but rather to come from love and to have that love be demonstrated throughout your life. As you understand domination, note that it tends to come from a need to control, and control is based in fear. When you release the fear and allow yourself to feel the love that God / Goddess has for you, and you allow yourself to know how loved you are, when you fill yourself with that love, the choices and decisions you make come from a very different place, don’t they? You are then in a state of love, in a state of being that is loving, and in that state you view the world differently. You do not see enemies, you do not see risks or threats, but rather you look for opportunity and possibility that is inclusive, that is a win-win for everyone. That is the definition of a world of dominion, wouldn’t you agree? So, to consciously create in dominion is all about magic, isn’t it? And so align with that, to recognize dominion is who you are, that it is integral to your spiritual nature, and so go about your life magically creating every day

Know that we are with you with love and peace,
Channeled through Katharina Notarianni


Soul’s Purpose / Past Lives Package

“Yes dear one, this is Tara, channeled through Katharina. We invite you to work with us to explore the past lives that are impacting you at this time, those that are spiritually significant, meaning they contain the thread of energy you call Soul, that which connects you to God / Goddess / All That Is.  To uncover, if you will, your Soul’s purpose for you.

While many of you meditate and have discovered your Soul’s path already, we congratulate you for making the map for others to achieve the same result more elegantly. Meanwhile, there are some of you who may be reluctant to know or have a hard time believing that you are getting accurate information. We are here to be with you, to guide you to the truths that are held within you already. Welcome! Simply reach out to us when you are called to do so, to reveal more of who you truly are and celebrate your Soul’s purpose.”

— Tara

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Tara Talks – What is Standing in the Way of Creating More Success?

Tara Talks (August 14, 2016)

Q. Why don’t I manifest what I want? What is standing in the way of creating more success?

A. Be aware of why you want what you want. If it is to feel worthwhile, to be worth loving, then guess what you will create if you don’t already feel you are worth loving? You will create evidence of what you are actually feeling, what you really believe. So if you don’t feel you are worth loving you won’t succeed, but not because you aren’t worthy, rather because your Higher Self won’t let you stay in this misconception that you aren’t worth loving. We encourage you to work on Self Love with single-minded focus because that will bring your success to you. (read more…)

Tara Talks – Working with My Promise to Come Home to God/Goddess

Tara Talks (August 13, 2016)

Q. My Soul reminded me to remember the promise I made to Come Home to God/Goddess in this lifetime… how can I work with this?

A. The key is in the word promise, for what is a promise but a commitment. A commitment is something you will see through until the end, no matter how much you get distracted or stray, you will always bring yourself back to who you are and why you are here by remembering your promise about making the map for others to Come Home to their True Self, to God/Goddess. You yourself already have made that map, but it is not enough to just know how to get there, it’s not enough to experience it briefly, you want to see it manifest in your world, you want to see evidence. And that is your Why, and it is a valid Why. (read more…)

Tara Talks – How Do I Take Responsibility for What I Am Creating?

Tara Talks (August 12, 2016)

Q. How do I take responsibility, or know when to take responsibility for what I am creating?

A. It begins with logic – first identify what is so right now, what I can state is a fact. And ask yourself is this is what I want; if the answer is Yes, let it continue. But if the answer is no, it is important to replace it with what you do want. Part of this next phase for you is not just ridding yourself of what you don’t want, but also beginning to open to your imagination in new ways. So ask, what do I want to manifest? (read more…)


Tara Talks – What To Do With My Intense Emotions

Tara Talks (August 11, 2016)

Q. My Soul gave me back my hatred, rage and other intense emotions. I found myself being pissed off for several weeks afterwards. What does it mean?

A. It means you will also be more aware of the love within you. You will be more aware of when your Higher Self and Soul arrive, to be with you. They are always with you, but if you are moving along throughout your day and part of you is doubtful and says to yourself, “I don’t know if they really exist,” then you don’t really feel them as much. But every once in a while you have had the experience where they are tangible, as an energy around you as though they are embracing you.  That realness will become more accessible to you, that sense you are not alone, that we are here for you, that your Higher Self and your Soul really are paying attention to you and are contributing to your reality co-creation, because you yourself are giving us and them more permission more consciously than ever before to contribute to you. (read more…)