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Yesterday was the second Tara Talks event at Amethyst Moon. Excerpts have been added to the Experience Tara page. The meditation to journey to the Sacred You was profound and so we share it with you.

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Tara Talks Event

Our very first Tara Talks event, held April 25th at Amethyst Moon in La Mesa, was a great success. I am grateful to the reality creators who participated and hope they enjoyed the evening as much as I did.

The next event is scheduled on Monday, May 23rd, also at Amethyst Moon, a wonderful crystal and metaphysical shop in La Mesa. Read more about Tara Talks. Space is limited to 12 attendees, so please register early.

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Welcome! I am glad you found this website. I have been channeling Tara for over 20 years and would be delighted to give you an opportunity to dialogue with her.

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