Tara Talks – Working with My Promise to Come Home to God/Goddess

Tara Talks (August 13, 2016)

Q. My Soul reminded me to remember the promise I made to Come Home to God/Goddess in this lifetime… how can I work with this?

A. The key is in the word promise, for what is a promise but a commitment. A commitment is something you will see through until the end, no matter how much you get distracted or stray, you will always bring yourself back to who you are and why you are here by remembering your promise about making the map for others to Come Home to their True Self, to God/Goddess. You yourself already have made that map, but it is not enough to just know how to get there, it’s not enough to experience it briefly, you want to see it manifest in your world, you want to see evidence. And that is your Why, and it is a valid Why. (read more…)

Tara Talks – How Do I Take Responsibility for What I Am Creating?

Tara Talks (August 12, 2016)

Q. How do I take responsibility, or know when to take responsibility for what I am creating?

A. It begins with logic – first identify what is so right now, what I can state is a fact. And ask yourself is this is what I want; if the answer is Yes, let it continue. But if the answer is no, it is important to replace it with what you do want. Part of this next phase for you is not just ridding yourself of what you don’t want, but also beginning to open to your imagination in new ways. So ask, what do I want to manifest? (read more…)


Tara Talks – What To Do With My Intense Emotions

Tara Talks (August 11, 2016)

Q. My Soul gave me back my hatred, rage and other intense emotions. I found myself being pissed off for several weeks afterwards. What does it mean?

A. It means you will also be more aware of the love within you. You will be more aware of when your Higher Self and Soul arrive, to be with you. They are always with you, but if you are moving along throughout your day and part of you is doubtful and says to yourself, “I don’t know if they really exist,” then you don’t really feel them as much. But every once in a while you have had the experience where they are tangible, as an energy around you as though they are embracing you.  That realness will become more accessible to you, that sense you are not alone, that we are here for you, that your Higher Self and your Soul really are paying attention to you and are contributing to your reality co-creation, because you yourself are giving us and them more permission more consciously than ever before to contribute to you. (read more…)

Tara Talks – Forgiving Myself; Changing the Choice to Use Pain to Deal with Reality

Tara Talks (August 10, 2016)

Q. I got the message from my Soul that I need to forgive myself for evil in my world, for choosing to experience pain and separation. I made the choice, so how do I now deal with reality without turning to pain?

A. Pain is a separation from and a longing for something you want, a feeling that you are all alone and what does it matter anyway. And the fear has become dread, the threat that you will be annihilated, that you will be destroyed, that you will literally be obliterated and on longer exist. You fear a threat to your very existence. Pain was a choice by humanity, but what is humanity but a collection of individuals. Each individual made a choice and out of that, momentum occurred. So as each individual chooses something new, it doesn’t take all of you to change the balance, to change the reality, it only takes some of you. And so as you forgive yourself for the choice you once made and change how you deal with reality, it results in less pain in your world. (read more…)

Tara Talks – The Deeper Meaning of the Chaos in Our World

Tara Talks (August 3, 2016)

Q. Tara, what about the terrorism, the senseless violence in the world, the chaos — is this a reflection of my inner self? What is really going on there? I’m afraid I am creating the nightmare and not the dream I envision for the future.

A. What you are all dealing with within yourselves is the realization that the old structures don’t support the future of the new world that is coming, and the self who exists already in that future requires you to change in order to receive the new world. In order to step into the resonance, some of the old has to fall away. The old limiting structures that are built on fear or pain or sorrow, they cannot be taken with you. They cannot coexist in the same resonance, and so you are forced to face those parts of self that have limited you, that in your mind have been protecting you. (read more…)

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