Meditation: Utilizing Magic To Make A Difference In Your World

Tara Talks Online EventS

Yesterday marks the first of the weekly series of Tara Talks Online Events.

Here is a meditation that was channeled during the session:

Utilizing Magic To Make A Difference In Your World (Video)

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New! Tara Talks Online Event: Tuesdays at 11AM PT / 2PM ET

The next Tara Talks Online Event is scheduled for Tuesday October 17 at 11AM PT / 2PM ET. This event will occur most Tuesdays at the same time.

The topic of discussion is Utilizing Magic To Make A Difference In Your World.

Katharina Notarianni will channel Tara at this event. As is typical for group events, the topic will be attuned to the attendees. Please RSVP via Meetup and submit your questions to

Why Am I Creating this Reality Around Money?

Tara – On Giving and Receiving: Why Am I Creating this Reality Around Money?

All right then, as we tune in to your Higher Self for guidance on this topic for you, we have identified that the primary energy here is putting out in good faith money and then not getting what you expect in return. How many times can you remember that happening to you?

The pattern (of having lent money many times to people that have never paid me back) is an indebtedness on your part, a sense that you owe and certainly this is not from this life, but rather another lifetime in Atlantis specifically. In a sense it is your way of handling guilt. And it is a common way in the consensus. (read more)

Crystal Grid for Consciously Creating Reality With Heart

This is an example of a crystal grid we co-created for the purpose of supporting the work being done to consciously create reality. The basis for the grid is a Lazaris Talisman for Co-Creation.

We recommend you build your own for the full experience.

Crystal Grid: Consciously Creating Reality with Heart

Components of the grid: Lazaris Talisman for Co-Creation, Blue Topaz, Citrine Sphere, Kyanite, and Rose Quartz Sphere.

Place the following in sequence on the crystal talisman:

Sirian Blue Topaz – Sirius is the gateway through which we come into your Universe. Everything in your universe has the Sirian energy as a building block at its base. And so you must ask what is that energy? It is the love and light of God and Goddess, it is our Love and our Light, certainly so. That is the energy that you recognize, on a fundamental energy, it brings about the process we described of aligning your chakras, the safety and security and the spirituality and all that is between, when you feel that energy of Sirius, you simply relax and there is part of you that knows, All is well, it is in that resonance of all is well, that state of well-being, that your heart and your mind open and connect and work as One.

(read more)

Consciously Creating Reality from Your Heart

Topic: Consciously creating reality from your heart, incorporating heart into your reality creating machine.

That means to utilize the state of being called ‘Love’ as the primary energy from which you create your reality. Certainly so, love has always been a part of your creation, for it is what you come from but moving that energy into the conscious mind is the task here.

And Love as a state of being is not the same as love as an emotion. To just feel love can be an access point, but it is not required to feel love or be loving, or even to be focused on what am you are feeling right now, to be in a state of love. For as you activate that energy of love as a resonance, as a state of being, you will find that it has meaning far beyond the definitions of love that you have in your language.

Opening your heart is indeed activating the energy, the state of being called Love, and in your world there isn’t a clear description for what that is, you are just supposed to know. You have some definitions, certainly from other channels (Lazaris, Abraham, Seth for example), and that has helped you clarify the difference between romantic love and being a good person, in your reality. And because there aren’t many definitions for Love in your world, it becomes difficult for you to explain these concepts. It is true that in some ways a word can be a trigger into a resonance and that can be enough. However, we understand you like details, so we will work to fill in the details as much as we can at this time. (read more)

Tara Affirmation “I Consciously Co-Create My Reality With Full Awareness of My Individuality…”

“… Yes, dear one, and this is Tara, representing the twenty-one Taras as a whole. And as we are made up of all colors and yet no color, our energy is that of synthesis and synergy. And in that energy it is what each of you are here to do, to synthesize information, to create synergies among each other, and as you know, you are also illusion. It is part of the fun of co-creating, that you co-create together this New World that you are bringing into being. The qualities of the New World, which are missing from your past is love, in a pure sense without pain, without sorrow. Instead it is a joyous exuberant love that can be generous and forgiving and that is sourced from a sense of deep inner peace of knowing that you do create your own reality, of knowing that it begins and ends with you, that you are not separate.
You are a part of a grand whole that if you were to be conscious of it all you would know that you are one with God/Goddess/All That Is, that you have the ability to create universes through your desires, your imagination and your expectation. You already do so, but subconsciously and unconsciously so. More consciously creating reality is your emphasis now …”


Excerpt from ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

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Ivory Tara Affirmation “I Am Empowered. I Create My Own Reality.”

“… (Ivory) This color white is not pure white but rather has a hint of golden light in that white, the golden light that you might associate with sunshine, perhaps even with your third chakra center. The white, of course, you associate with your higher level chakras, seven and higher.
And so our work today is to bring that energy of will and enthusiasm associated with the second chakra and also to bring a depth of emotions to those higher chakra centers, those that are more about your spirituality. And so today we work to bring your passion for metaphysics, for your spirituality, to the forefront to allow you to claim it, so you can direct it more consciously as the magician that you are …”

Ivory Tara

Excerpt from ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

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Copper Tara Affirmation “Additional Energy Is Available To Me”

“… There is something you are wanting to accomplish at this time, a goal that you have for yourself, something that you require assistance with, perhaps added energy. That is what we bring. We bring within our resonance a boost of energy for you. Guided by your Higher Self, we will amplify your desires, your imagination and finally your expectation about this one thing you want to create at this time. And so choose what matters most to you, feeling in your heart what is most important at this time. And as you feel, begin to desire it, knowing that there are no barriers to having what you want. There are just ingredients, the ingredients of desire, imagination and expectation. And there is the choice to have what you want, to choose it for yourself, because it is the loving thing to create.
And so you make the decision tonight to manifest that which is for your highest good, to allow your Higher Self to fine-tune the imagery if necessary, so that you can see that which is for your highest good around that which you want …”

Copper Tara

Excerpt from ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

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Teal Tara Affirmation “I Am Filled With Inspiration”

“… Our color in particular corresponds with three particular chakras: the fourth, your heart chakra; the fifth, your throat chakra; and the sixth, your third eye. And so you may feel our presence at those chakras more so or you may sense that the fourth, fifth and sixth levels of all your chakras are beginning to awaken. The purpose of the blending with our teal energy is to align these chakras so that they work in harmony with each other. The outcome will be to open you to your own vision, your inspiration of what the future holds for you, not just to imagine but also to begin to express in some way that which is right for you. You have dreams. You have visions. Perhaps you are reluctant to act upon them. Perhaps there is a fear or two that tells you it is not the right time or there are not enough resources, or it is okay for someone else who has other qualities to pursue these dreams and visions, but not for you. Allow those thoughts and feelings to dissipate in our energy, in our presence …”


Teal Tara

Excerpt from ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

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