Experience Tara

Channeled by Katharina Notarianni

Tara Meditations

Meditation 1 with Introductory Comments: Utilizing Magic To Make A Difference In Your World (Video) – Click here for the audio version of Meditation 1.

Q&A 1: Do all the shoved down emotions of humanity express themselves in our environmental changes? etc. (audio)

Meditation 2 with Introductory Comments: Reaching for Greater Levels of Success While Maintaining Your Equilibrium (Video) – Click here for the audio version of Meditation 2.

Q&A 2: Greater Success and Maintaining Equilibrium (audio)

Meditation 3 with Introductory Comments: How To Focus Your Attention on the Information that Is Relevant (Video)- Click here for audio version of the Meditation 3 with Introductory Comments.

Q&A 3:

1 How Can We Change Our Measuring Devices to Perceive the New World?

2 How Can We Take Responsibility For What We Are Creating?

3 How Do I Move Beyond My Reluctance To Express More of Who I Truly Am?

Meditation 4 with Introductory Comments: Loving Myself More – What Difference Does It Really Make? (Video).  Click here for the audio version of Meditation 4.

Q&A 4:  What effect does loving myself more have on aging?  What does growing old mean in a changing consensus? What is the correlation between stress and illness? (audio)

Meditation 5 with Introductory Comments: Activating Your Imagination in New Ways (Video). Click here for the audio version of Meditation 5.

Q&A 5:

1 Do we now need greater scope and depth of imagination to create our reality? (audio)
2 What is the relationship of the mind and subconscious with regards to our imagination? (audio)
3 Does Tara have imagination? How does changing my resonance shift reality? (audio)
4 About Tara and the focus of these discussions. (audio)

Meditation 6 and Introductory Comments: Achieving a State of Optimal Health and Well Being (Video). Click here for the audio version of Meditation 6.

Q&A 6 – Click here for the audio version of Q&A 6.

1 (0:00) How do different emotions affect your health?
2 (13:30) How to work with the tiers or levels of emotions?
3 (19:00) How do you know if you are masking emotions, and how do you get to the next layer?
4 (28:30) Do past lives affect your health?
5 (33:00) Nothing that used to work seems to work anymore to change my state of health. What can I do?

Meditation 7 and Introductory Comments: Bringing Spirituality Into Everyday Life (Video). Click here for the audio version of Meditation 7.

Q&A 7:

1 About shifting resonance (audio)
2 What is the impact of the spiritual body on physical body? (audio)
3 Expansion of human consciousness (audio)
4-5 Role of sleep on creating reality. Importance of daily spiritual practices (audio)

Meditation 8 with Introductory Comments: How To Create More Money (Video 1 and Video 2). Click here for the audio version of Meditation 8 part 1 and Meditation 8 part 2.

Q&A 8: Click here for the audio version of Q&A 8.

1 (0:00)  What is the importance of Earth energy at this time?
2 (19:00) Participating with the Earth helps us with money manifestation?
3 (28:00) Our love for the Earth, is this the bridge to manifesting what we want?

Meditation 9 with Introductory Comments: Letting Go of the Past to Create A New Future (video); Click here for the audio version of Meditation 9.

Q&A 9:

1 The Benefits of working with the Unknown and Unconscious Mind (audio)
2 What aspects of the past are we leaving behind? (audio)
3 Help me clear my past so I can get on with my life… (audio)
4 What does the current attention on men’s past behaviors mean? (audio)

Meditation 10 with Introductory Comments: How Do I Make A Difference? (video); Click here for the audio version of Meditation 10.

Q&A 10:

1 How Do I Make A Difference? (audio)
2 What is the role of my Soul and Spirit in making a difference? (audio)
3 Explain further the role of my Soul and Spirit (audio)

Meditation 11 with Introductory Comments: Activating Your Dreams and Visions for the New Year (video); Click here for the audio version of Meditation 11.

Q&A 11:

1 Responsibility and the purpose of boundaries (audio)
2 Imagination and accessing the Imaginal Realm (audio);
3 Reference to Total Recall, the movie (audio)
4 Evolution and Spirituality in a world of duality (audio)
5 Are our Higher Self and Soul co-creating our Future Self with us? Differentiating between focus on Future and Past (audio)
6 Working with Meditation 11 in the New Year (audio)

Meditation 12 with Introductory Comments:  Opening To New Perceptions of What Is Possible (video); Click here for the audio version of Meditation 12.

Q&A 12:

1 Is perception affected by the fabric of the past? (audio)
2 Where do Choice and Freedom come in with the new perceptions? Is there a limit to the Choice we have? Can I perceive something if I don’t believe it? (audio)

Meditation 13 with Introductory Comments: Understanding the Power of Joy (video); Click here for the audio version of Meditation 13.

Q&A 13:

1 Can the state of joy be sustained continually? Are you born with Joy? How does wonder fit in with Joy? (audio)
2 Resonance and Joy as a state of dominion (audio)
3 The quickest path to Joy? (audio)

Meditation 14 with Introductory Comments: Expressing Yourself through Gracious Giving (video); Click here for the audio version of Meditation 14.

Q&A 14 –  Click here for the audio version of Q&A 14:

00:00 Does Giving grow as part of the growth of the universe?
07:05 As you “destroy and make new,” is that part of growth as well?
10:30 Aren’t you supposed to learn from your Past, to learn from our mistakes?
17:00 Is there a level of giving of love that accompanies being present?
22:13 Metaphor of when a child learns to walk and they fall down, they get back up
28:05 Does Spirit play a large role in this?

Meditation 15 with Introductory Comments: Positioning Yourself to Reach Greater Levels of Success (audio)

Q&A 15:

1 Do we see more success in our surroundings, such as in the news? How do I help my friend who is in pain? (audio)
2 Has the pace of manifesting the New World quickened? Explaining the importance of resonance and utilizing choice to manifest the reality you want (audio)

Meditation 16 with Introductory Comments: Making Way For Change (video); Click here for the audio version of Meditation 16.

Q&A 16 – Click here for the audio version of Q&A 16:

00:00 Final Comments from Tara following the meditation
01:10 Am I responsible for changing consciousness and imagination as I move forward into the new world?
11:50 What is our role in having fun and consciously creating success in the new world?
15:30 How can I heal lifelong patterns so I don’t bring them with me into the new world?

Meditation 17 and Introductory Comments: Imagination As The Key To Change (video). Click here for the audio version of Meditation 17.

Q&A 17 – Click here for the audio version of Q&A 17:

00:00 How does Imagination relate to Image and Emotions in the context of creating your own reality?
09:10 How to identify and move beyond the limitations that keep you from Change
17:30 Addressing how beliefs fit in, how are they a part of what we create?
20:00 Where does the Imaginal Realm fit in? Is it the Unknown?
23:35 How do the tools of desire, imagination and expectation fit it?
27:30 What is the difference between visualization and imagination?

Meditation 18 and Introductory Comments: How to Balance Giving and Receiving (video). Click here for the audio version of Meditation 18.

Q&A 18:

1 Does the innate sense of Balance helps us with emotions and giving and receiving? When you give love and you get it back right away, is that an example of giving and receiving at the same time? (audio)
2 Is it possible when were were given love and possibilities that they bounced off of our container because of a screwed up sense of receiving? (audio)
3 In our reality today, is racism and violence about being out of balance and unable to give love unconditionally? (audio)
4 Is the state of joy and love better for my grandchildren as well? (audio)
5 Is there a difference between getting and receiving? (audio)
6 We know it is important to stop worrying… Are there more powerful tools for changing the chemistry and mechanics to regain balance? (audio)

Tara Talks

Book: Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras

by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras is a collection of meditative journeys that focus on healing with color. Initially it is recommended to treat this book as a 21-day process, whereby you experience one specific color each day following the guidance that is given. After the process has been completed, you can return to a specific color as you are called to do so depending on what you are experiencing in your life, letting the key words and affirmations guide you when you wish to focus upon a particular energy, a particular resonance, for the purpose of activating something specific within yourself. The intention is to have access to the full spectrum of color, to be balanced, to be healed completely so, on all levels of your being, so you can experience more and more of who you truly are.

Begin exploring Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of 21 Taras

Order a copy of Healing with Color to begin the twenty-one day process: available in paperback or Kindle format.

Audio Recordings

Tara on Becoming More of Who You Truly Are

Introduction (audio)

Meditation – Journey to the Sacred You (audio)

Concluding Remarks (audio)

Q&A with Tara:

The Feminine and Masculine within Each of You (audio)

Below are links to audio recordings of Tara in conversation with John Notarianni. The topic is the relevance of the Unconscious, Subconscious and Conscious Minds and how best to work with these aspects of Self to create the reality you want:

Experience Tara – Part 1 (audio)

Experience Tara – Part 2 (audio)

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