What is standing in the way of creating more success?

Q. Why don’t I manifest what I want? What is standing in the way of creating more success?

A. Be aware of why you want what you want. If it is to feel worthwhile, to be worth loving, then guess what you will create if you don’t already feel you are worth loving? You will create evidence of what you are actually feeling, what you really believe. So if you don’t feel you are worth loving you won’t succeed, but not because you aren’t worthy, rather because your Higher Self won’t let you stay in this misconception that you aren’t worth loving. We encourage you to work on Self Love with single-minded focus because that will bring your success to you.

As you have been taught in your metaphysical studies, worth is given, by God, by Goddess. Just by your very existence, you have value. That is the truth of the matter. But then that is overlaid with circumstances – where you have knowingly or unknowingly given others’ beliefs more weight than what is true. So what happens to your sense of self worth? It gets skewed, it gets diminished.

In the generating exercise of visualizing what you want, you fill yourself with the knowing of who you truly are:  “I am a powerful reality creator.” “ I have a destiny of coming home to God/Goddess.” “I create using love and will, my true core power.”  “I embody my Valued Self when creating reality.” However, recognize all of these beliefs are in true contrast to the thought you are plagued by that, “I am not sure I am worth loving.”

Ask yourself, is your luminous intent about convincing others, or is your luminous intent about awakening to who you truly are? A conflict in this area exposes a hidden negative agenda you have to not know that you create your own reality in order to please others. Once you recognize the conflict, you have choice. You can now disengage from the limiting beliefs others have of you and instead align with knowing your worth. This then also aligns you with knowing you create your own reality.