On Giving and Receiving: Why Am I Creating This Reality Around Money?

All right then, as we tune in to your Higher Self for guidance on this topic for you, we have identified that the primary energy here is putting out in good faith money and then not getting what you expect in return. How many times can you remember that happening to you?

The pattern (of having lent money many times to people that have never paid me back) is an indebtedness on your part, a sense that you owe and certainly this is not from this life, but rather another lifetime in Atlantis specifically. In a sense it is your way of handling guilt. And it is a common way in the consensus. For instance, you often hear about in a divorce proceeding where the one who is leaving loses a lot of money to the spouse. They tell themselves I would rather be free, but in actuality the reason they don’t share the proceeds 50/50 is because the person who feels guilty feels that they have to pay. So it is that dynamic:  I feel that I owe, I feel that I have to pay for what I have done. And so even as we are saying these words we are lifting that belief, that sentence that you have sentenced yourself to through a contract, an agreement, with your universe. We are deleting that with harm to none with your Higher Self’s permission.

It is now clear that that means, that mechanism, of owing out of guilt, doesn’t really solve the matter, does it. Because it isn’t any one instance. In all the scenarios that you described, and there are many more than that, and there are also energy exchanges where you gave and gave and gave and nothing came of it. So for example, in some of the multilevel marketing you spent some money and gave a lot of energy and you got nothing out of it. That is the same energy as giving a big chunk of money and getting nothing back, because your energy has value. And so we are scanning all the lifetimes when that was the case and deleting the instances, the memories of those instances as well, and strengthening you to the possibility that as you give, you receive, and you often give and you can receive more than you give, although it is not required, because the energy in the universe is unlimited.

And so we want you to understand that for you to pour energy into the universe and never get anything back is a form of control. And the control says: “If I give and I don’t receive I can never be disappointed. If I give and I never receive then they will be indebted to me in some way. If I give and never receive I will never owe anybody anything. If I give and never receive they cannot control me, because I am in control.” Do you begin to see the energy at work here and what you get out of it? So to speak, the hidden agenda – the hidden agenda of why might you create the reality, why might you continue to create the reality after you realize or recognize it doesn’t serve you on an obvious level. Then you have to look for the hidden agendas, don’t you? And so as we have been bringing those hidden agendas to the surface we have been working to release those as well, to release you and all your lifetimes from the patterns.

And there is the lesser form of you that is screaming, “But if I give up control, I will be harmed! I will imprisoned! I will be killed! I will be destroyed! My reputation will be destroyed!” Because reputation is a big part of this. The people you have given money to have through stealing from you destroyed their reputation. And so there is that sense that well if I am the one who receives from someone else, then my reputation will be destroyed. I will no longer have power over my reputation if I receive. And so you see another hidden agenda is not to receive because it makes you weak, it makes you vulnerable, it makes you a target. And of course those aren’t true, and yet you have experience of it in your universe and so there is some truth to it. And so we cleared those away as well, the hidden agenda of not wanting to receive because it makes you vulnerable and it can ruin your reputation. So for instance when you borrow money your reputation is at stake if you can’t pay the money back. That is the energy at work here.

As we release you from that, you also have the hidden agenda of needing to be in control and also protecting yourself from being too vulnerable. We clear also all the lifetimes that are involved in that manifestation with harm to none. As we disconnect you from those lifetimes, as we strengthen you to receiving from a pure place, a place without hidden agendas, know that to simply receive puts you into a state of grace, a feeling that you are loved, knowing that you are one with all that is, knowing that you are fully loved by God and Goddess, that is the truest and highest form of receiving. And when you give from that place, the giving is also in its truest form and has the ability to give more than you actually give, for you also give that understanding of your place in the universe, that sense of peace and wholeness that comes from being connected.

And so our work is done for today. Know that the healing is complete, and so we go with love and peace,