White Tara Affirmation ‘Today I Choose Love…’

“…in your world there is violence, there is pain, there is great sorrow. And you have had lifetimes of this nature yourself. And as you see it reflected in your world, you ask why, why even after all that I have done, all that I have learned, can I not change the pain in the world quickly enough?
And in that question begins the doubt, the self-doubt that you are making any difference at all. And your journey becomes one of faith: “I must believe I am making a difference, for if I do not, I will go mad.” But there are times when you doubt, and in the doubt becomes despair. And so we tell you, your light does make a difference. Your love is what matters. Your caring as you see those suffering, in the caring you change the resonance. In the compassion you grow and change. You become more of who you truly are.

There are stories of deities who have the ability to feel such love, such compassion, for suffering that in their presence the suffering does end. To be touched by such a deity changes one instantly so. Jesus Christ was such a deity, a being of light, as is Buddha, as are we as well. But it does not stop there. It is who you are, truly so. It is who you are becoming. And yet you already are that being.

There is a time coming very soon when this particular state of being of which we speak will be expressed in humanity as a whole. It begins with a few, and the few become hundreds. And eventually all of humanity awakens. And what stands between you and knowing, allowing, being this light being, is a past in which there was pain and suffering.
As you grow you will begin to know that a human being’s right is to have choice, free will. For that is the most precious of all powers, of all strengths. For in it you can choose anything you want. And some will continue to choose pain and suffering as a way to learn about themselves, as a way to feel powerful. It is their right. But there is a great difference in suffering and not knowing why or how they chose it, and choosing it consciously.

Humanity is still in a time of waking up. People are awakening, as individuals. And all that they need for their journey exists already. And the key is the love, for it is a resonance that transforms instantly any reality. But not love that is blind, rather love that has wisdom out of which comes compassion and patience and virtue. And that begins with a choice, just as fear has been a common choice, a way to survive. It is time now to choose love…”
white tarafrom ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ 

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