Violet Tara Affirmation ‘I Choose’

“…And as each of you are on a spiritual path of your choosing, and it is your desire to come home to your True Self in this lifetime, what we are doing here today is creating a pathway for the spiritual you of all your lifetimes to blend, to have a singular focus, to make a more powerful choice, to awaken fully to come home in this lifetime.

You have your own perception of what coming home to your True Self is about. There is no one method that is the correct method. Each individual will engage in his or her own process. You have begun that process. And though you sense you are on a same journey, a similar journey, you are also acutely aware that your particular version is distinctly your own, for you encounter challenges and successes that are uniquely your own, that no one else seems to match, you might say. These experiences, though they might be similar, are never the same.

And so we want to take a moment to assist you in valuing yourself and the journey you have chosen…”

Violet Tara

Excerpt from ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

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